May 30, 2007

New Topmodelo

the winner of ANTM cycle 8, Jaslene, post-show appearance.
cute dress♥ and she looks so much like a model than past winner.

image source: topmodel

May 15, 2007

安室奈美恵 Live Style tour

Recently I been spinning my "Namie Amuro Live Style 2006 DVD" on and on. The performance, overall, was so impressive. I love the choreography the most. Her back up dancers were cool indeed.

Ahh jadi menggugah jiwa menari sayaaaa..

Somebody gimme job please. dance job. just call me via my blog ;)

My fave song performance:
FISH and Put 'em up
cool song. cool outfit. super cool dance..

Ayu さん, my friend, had a crush on Namie's white dress worn in "strobbed" track. I thought the dress was pretty & feminine. It reminds me of valentino spring collection which was showed by chanel iman on the runway:

Not exactly similar. hehe.. somehow both of dresses are flattering and flowy. and have black buttons :p