August 15, 2008

Guilty Pleasure

I’ve rarely got into boyband. Although I kinda like some JE’s boys, but honestly I never really got to listen their songs..

Until a few days ago, I discovered this Korean boyband called SHINee. They have such a catchy song and dance move. I can’t control myself whenever I watch guys who can actually dance! I don’t even care wheter the guys have pretty face or not, as long as they dance well. And the fact that the group consists of 5 good looking boys:

minus Minho?

(also the fact that none of the changcuters member's included in this picture) ..makes me HAPPY.

I’ve been watching their video a lot and the song stuck on my mind immediately. OH SHAME!

August 06, 2008

Today's job

Today our job at Borobudur Hotel was GREAT. Not just the event, choreography and wardrobe were also awesome. There were a lot of people watching and most of them were journalists. I wonder if I’d been captured several times wore such a sexy outfit with the sexy pose! No.. Oh if that’s true, people please ban those pictures..

Then, after the show we went to DOJO to practice some new routines, preparing for the next competition. Gosh, I'm so exhausted...